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Tevva and ElectraMeccanica Announce Proposed Merger

Tevva does technology because it matters and makes a difference to humanity.

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Merger in the News

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Unpacking Tevva’s Unique Dual-Energy Solution

Tevva’s peers are developing zero-emission solutions that are either completely battery-electric or pure hydrogen.

Tevva’s dual-energy approach eliminates range anxiety prominent among electric fleet operates, and increases range, payload and energy efficiency.

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Tevva is a Pioneer in Zero-Emission Medium- and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles

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300,000 miles tested with leading publicly traded delivery companies

Three Reasons to Support Our Proposed Merger

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Accelerates Ability to Commercialize Electrification of Key Segment of Trucking Market

Tevva brings a substantial first-mover advantage, as an early pioneer in a rapidly electrifying industry. With ElectraMeccanica’s platform, team, and assets, the combined company is expected to accelerate the commercialization of critical products in under-penetrated markets: electrified medium- and heavy-duty trucks.


Unique Market Opportunity

The commercial truck market is ripe for disruption and decarbonization, currently under-penetrated relative to passenger vehicles. The proposed merger is expected to bring a large and growing market opportunity, with multiple tailwinds and proven demand.

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Innovative Proprietary Technology

Tevva’s dual-energy system provides an innovative solution for enhancing the range of battery electric vehicles. Tevva supports its current product with a unique and purpose-built commercial-grade electric battery system, and its future product portfolio is being developed to include a proprietary hydrogen range-extender technology, which delivers a differentiated and sustainable dual-energy solution.